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Data Erasure


Erasing data securely is essential in disposal and reuse of IT asset.
Einsis provides service to erase the data of disk and mobile device securely.


Harddisk, SSD Erasure

  • Logical Erasure
  • Reusable Erasure

Permanent Destruction

  • Logical Erasure
  • Phisical Destruction

Smartphone Data Erasure

  • Secure Erasure & Factory reset
  • Support iOS, Android

Why Data Erasure Service?

Still lots of obsolete servers and PCs in corpoerations are being flowed into used market without data erasure process.
With lack of awarness of data security, critical data can be leaked out at any time..

Einsis has implemented data erasure system to lead the sound Green-IT enviroment and block the data leaking..
Please contact us for all about erasure, reuse, destroy, etc.

Who needs Data Erasure?

Service type

Service Contents Target Media
Re-use after data erasure This is a service for re-use as new storage resource after perfect data eraser of hdds in 5 ways of international standard recognized by NATO, The US Department of Defense and NSA with DataSweeper machine
You can delete 12 hdds in about 10 secondes per 1GB hdd at the same time.
Use the US department of Defense certified products.
Hard disk
Disk disposal This is a disposal service after complete erasure to preven information leakage
It delets all of the information that remains in the storage medium applying a strong magnetic field memontarily.
Floppy Disk
Hard Disk
Magnetic Tape

Technical Support Partner

Einsis offers fast and secure erasure service by overseas partners specialized in data erasure.

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Advanced Design Corp

Corporate specialized in Data Erasure
Possession of erasure optimization technology for large bulk disks
Possession of Erasure technology complying international standard

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Mobile Solution Corporate
Possession of mobile data erasure solution
GreenT Program optimized for mobile data erasure