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    Einsis supplying
    optimized infra systems
    for valuable business
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    2,000+ suppliers worldwide
    $3 million equipments
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    Maintenance Service Program
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    Data Secure Erasure Solution
    for Harddisk, Smartphone

Einsis provides Total IT Services

IT Equipments Sales

Einsis enables you to save on your IT budgets such as servers / networking / parts etc., with satisfying price via global sourcing networks

IT Equipments Rental

There a number of reason a rental service might be a better alternative than an purchase. Einsis, providing you with exactly what you need to complete your needs

Maintenance Service

We are ready to assist for you in maintenance with our own system EinSure™ to meet your needs in involving safety and efficiency of your system

Data Erasure Service

Our skilled team of technicians erase the entire hardware data to the highest security standards. Besides of hardware, Einsis can take care of smart phones such as IPhone, Android



2019.01 NH CARD Software(Anylink) Supply
2019.01 Ministry of land, Geographic information system S/W maintenance
2019.01 Korea transportation safety authority tax management system infra buil-up and maintenance
2019.01 Gyeongsangnamdo Office of Education HP Maintenance
2019.01 Korea Airports Corporation information system maintenance
2019.01 Koreanology RnD Center 2019 information system maintenance
2019.01 IBK 2019 IT System Maintenance
2019.01 FIU information system maintenance
2019.01 FIU Hardware Maintenance
2018.12 Korea Ocean Business Corporation VNX5200 maintenance
2018.09 Kyowon DELL/IBM server maintenance
2018.05 Institute for Basic Science IBM server maintenance
2018.05 Korea technology finance corporation IBM Storage maintenance
2018.05 Dongwoo maintenance
2018.05 Korea technology finance corporation system maintenance
2018.04 Encar Server System Maintenance
2018.04 Hwasung citihall oracle maintenance
2018.04 dlive server maintenance
2018.04 Nongshim data server maintenance
2018.04 KT Center network maintenance
2018.03 POSCO ict server maintenance
2018.02 Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company NT maintenance
2018.02 AJU IT maintenance
2018.01 Seoul metro 9 HP server maintenance
2018.01 Korea Meteorological Administration hardware maintenance
2018.01 Yong-in cityhall backbone maintenance
2018.01 Yoido full gospel church maintenance
2018.01 Statistics Korea Server maintenance
2018.01 Wooribank Disaster Recovery Center Backup Maintenance
2018.01 Hyundai L2 Network maintenance
2018.01 Hyundai MNsoft information system maintenance
2018.01 Novita system maintenance
2018.02 DRB system maintenance
2017.10 Lotte tour System maintenance
2017.10 Kyeryong Construction & Industrial L4 Maintenance
2017.09 Kyowon DELL/IBM server maintenance
2017.08 Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation server maintenance
2017.08 CJ Olive networks server maintenance
2017.07 Nike Korea server maintenance
2017.07 city dutyfree system maintenance
2017.07 Kunyoung System maitnenance
2017.06 The Export-Import Bank of Korea Maintenance
2017.04 Korea Transportation Safety Authority total maintenance
2017.03 SK wyverns Munhak stadium DS H/W AV suppliment
2017.02 Dell korea partnership
2017.02 Harim Happy dance studio DS, AV, broadcase system buil-up
2017.01 Yoido full gospel church
 - Maintenance service for Network Hardware
2017.01 Yongin Citihall
 - Maintenance service for Network Hardware
2016.12 Ansan U-Information Center
 - Network Hardware
2016.02 Korean Federation of community Credit(www.kfcc.co.kr)
 - IBM Server enlargement
2015.12 The Export-Import bank of korea(www.koreaexim.go.kr)
 - Build EXIM Information System (ITSM)
2015.09 Korea Transportation Safety Authority(www.ts2020.kr)
 - Build Information System
2015.05 DanKook University(www.dankook.ac.kr)
 - Maintenance service for Network Hardware
2015.05 Ansan University(www.ansan.ac.kr)
 - Maintenance service for Network Hardware
2015.05 IBK Savings Bank(www.ibksb.co.kr)
 - IBK Savings Bank Stock Loan System Build-up(Infra)
2015.05 KT Corporation(www.kt.com)
 - RMA Service for Company Network
2015.04 Korea Worker's Compensation & Welfare Service(www.kcomwel.or.kr)
 - Retirement Pension System Build-up(Infra)
2015.04 Hyundai MnSoft(www.hyundai-mnsoft.com)
 - Integrated maintenance service for IT Infra
2015.04 Korea Transportation Safety Authority(www.ts2020.kr)
 - Integrated maintenance for TAGO System
2015.04 Korea Expressway Corporation(www.ex.co.kr)
 - Maintenance service for National Transportation Safety Center 
2015.01 Korea Sports Promotion(www.kspo.or.kr)
 - Maintenance service for Network Hardware
2014.10 Ministry National Defense Move Project(www.mnd.go.kr)
 - Win a project in moving IT equips to MegaCenter(Navy/Airforce-SUN, Dell)
2014.10 DongWoo Fine-Chem(www.dwchem.co.kr)
 - RMA Service for network equipments for 2 years
2014.07 Korea Airports Corporation
 - Win a contract to provide Servers & Storage in PFMS Project
2014.04 Korea Transportation Safety Authority
 - Integrated maintenance service for all IT Infra
2014.04 Korea Telecom
 - RMA Service for network equipments of 20 branches
2014.01 Korea Banking Institute
 - Integrated maintenance service for all IT Infr
2013.07 Republic of Korea Army
 - Maintenance & RMA service for around 2 thousands of Servers of 20 divisions including army headquarter 

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